Bonobo - Eyesdown (Machinedrum remix)

Burial vs. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

James Blake - We Might Feel Unsound
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James Blake - “We Might Feel Unsound”
off his upcoming EP “Enough Thunder” out Oct. 10 on Atlas


Radiohead - Bloom (Jamie XX Remix)



Radiohead - Bloom (Jamie XX Remix)


Sully - 2 Hearts
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Sully - “2 Hearts” off his newest LP “Carrier” out now on Keysound


Shlohmo - FACT mix 277
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FACT mix 277: Shlohmo

Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels (slowed and blowed mix)
Groundislava – Final Impasse
Charles Manson – Invisible Tears
Allure ft. Nas – Head Over Heels (slow) – cassingle
Three 6 Mafia – Stash Pot – Smoked Out, Loced Out
Asura – The Killing Moon (Echo and the Bunnymen cover) – shlohmo weirdo re-edit
Clipse ft. Bilal – Nightmares (slow) – Hell Hath No Fury
Salem – Release Da Boar – King Night
Monica – Sideline Ho (Chopped and Screwed)
Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross – White Sun – Blow EP
Excerpt from a dub cassette i found in a shoebox with my friend on mission st. san francisco.
Broken Sinead O’Connor cassette.
Big Mike – World of Mine (slow) – cassingle
The Weeknd – What You Need – House of Balloons
Karen O – Hello Tomorrow (slow) – audio rip from that adidas commercial from like 7 years ago or something
Tom Waits – Dirt in the Ground – Bone Machine
Shlohmo – Just Us – Bad Vibes

Zomby - Things Fall Apart (ft. Panda Bear)